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tears of blood ark sz

i sit and pick my brain each night
with an axe in my hand held tight
bite my nose to spite my face
killing myself, i cant escape the rat race
wallowing in neck-deep misery
quicksand dissent, pressure free
deepest wounds are self inflicted
should i hope to be vindicted
always alone, societys abortion
self mutilation, the daily portion
resentful past breeds hopeful future
with tears of blood, i remove the sutures
dying inside, emotions they hide
irreperable damage from the tears the ive cried
i climb from the sewer, the years that i have spent
self mutilation or my environment
chorus 2x:

tears of blood tears of blood
i cry i cry
tears of blood tears of blood
i die
deny myself for fear of being
is it over now, has my heart stopped beating
lying here just self defeating
my mind is empty, it wont stop bleeding
twisted anger screams my brain
over the edge, i hang in pain
mouth locked shut my mind wont swallow
with tears of blood, alone i wallow
no one to blame except myself
what you call masochism i call wealth
maybe its just a matter of pride
too sweet to end with suicide
peel the scab, pour salt in the wound
torturing myself, im forever doomed
looking east and west each and every moon
a peaceful rest comes someday soon
no one to blame except myself
what you call masochism i call wealth
is death life and do we live in hell?
chorus 3x



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