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switchback ark sz

welcome to the rat race, people killing themselves
to get ahead of the pack, backstab and attack.
out for self, the money, the power, the fame,
competition and greed in a world without shame.
i stumble and fall along the path ive chosen,
i face my fears, i wont be broken.
corrosion has a way of fucking with your sanity,
i do what i gotta to preserve my humanity.

switchback - taking life as each day comes
switchback - facing fears, i never run,
switchback - never quit until im done
im the underdong and i will overcome.

confrontation can break you down to your very fast compound.
beat you down, drag you round, break you
refuse to bend, never ever let it take you
over the edge where you can never break through.
overcome, switchback, stand strong alone
the good, the bad, the truth, the unknown
locked up at war with the demons within
i fight to live, i live to win.

the harder that i battle with lifes deceit,
the stronger i stand on my own two feet.
if i allow the world to assimilate my mind,
will my freedom be forever denied?
will i no longer be free in my mind?


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