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survival of the fittest ark sz

only the strong survive
living all these days for myself, not you
mind your own business i do what i do
all of you who like to preach all day
now hear what i have to say
the smell of leather makes me high
i feel good inside when you cry
nor remorse is felt when you sigh
because skin keeps me warm and dry
chorus (2x)
to wear my boots, ill take a hide
to feed my face, ill kill with pride
in this world of survival
those with strength will have no rival
ill smile as i drive down the street
sitting in my car with plush leather seats
survival of the fittest and that is the beat
and i eat all of the meat
dont get me wrong
i come from the streets
ill tell you now its strong over weak
you slow - you blow
and you will meet your defeat
now you will understand
you will understand now


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