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stigmatized ark sz

emptiness slips into my mind,
emotion so fucking hard to find,
i center myself in this universe,
with peace amongst all the pains and hurts,
i think of all the things that wouldve been,
and the time i couldve spent with him,
but again comes sadness creeping in.
taken by surprise stigmatized by the things ive seen with my own eyes,
traumatized until i realize that i gotta go on with my life.
i can only guess what i shouldve done then,
wandering alone on the path ive chosen,
lumbering along towards inevitable fate,
i await an answer, i wrestle with hate,
i question your life and the choices you made,
i question myself with righteousness and rage,
confused and sick from mistakes ive made.
questions to ponder about letting go, answers i find towards peaceful flow,
people take shit for granted as given, not in this world that i live in,
in my eyes, i realize. no more lies stigmatized.


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