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salvation ark sz

someday i hope to rise above material chains which hold me down
to turn my anger into love and keep my feet planted on the ground.
to undo stigmas societies branded, misconceptions about being a man.
to be grateful, take nothing for granted, to live the truth as best i can.

i seek the truth whatever that may be,
i seek the answers to questions, please god help me.

to look at people and see no color, vision clear of prejudice or spite,
to treat people just like my brother, for this i pray with all my might.
to learn to let go of all my fears and learn to embrace all of my tears,
to search for faith and humility, to walk the path which sets me free.

salvation, from society, damnation, have mercy on me.

so many lies i told, so many lives ive sold.
so far away from who i am i never understand.
so many things i regret, so many things that i let
take me away from myself, too late to take it back.

so many dreams i had, so many lives ive lived
so many friends i said goodbye forever
so amny times i wish, so many times i dream,
do it again, i swear id never.

in my quest to uncover the truth the deepest wounds get left behind
as i seek serenity from the war, from the war inside my mind.


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