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george strait, george strait arklar, george strait ark szleri
1. minus equals zero331
2.a little heavens rubbing off on me344
3.a real good place to start342
4.ace in the hole367
6.all my exs live in texas474
7.all of me loves all of you344
8.always never the same435
9.am i blue437
10.amarillo by morning372
11.angel, angelina328
12.any old time439
13.anything you can spare331
14.away in a manager428
15.baby blue360
16.baby your baby317
17.babys gotten good at goodbye583
18.back to bein me449
19.beyond the blue neon323
20.big balls in cowtown w/ asleep at the wheel410
21.bigger man than me373
22.blame it on mexico354
23.blue clear sky373
24.can still make cheyenne312
25.carried away338
26.carrying your love with me313
27.check yes or no356
28.chill of an early fall349
29.cow town382
30.dance time in texas1128
31.do the right thing354
32.does fort worth ever cross your mind329
33.dont make me come over there and love you856
34.dont tell me youre not in love380
35.down and out318
36.down louisiana way348
37.drinking champagne357
38.easy come, easy go633
39.eighty proof bottle of tear stopper347
40.every time it rains lord dont it pour422
41.everytime you throw dirt on her you lose a little ground317
42.famous last words of a fool321
43.fifteen years going up and one night coming down334
44.fly me to the moon w/ frank sinatra293
45.fool hearted memory315
46.for christ sake, its christmas394
47.friday night fever397
48.frosty the snowman315
49.go on363
50.gone as a girl can get283
51.good time charleys425
52.havent you heard388
55.heartland main title sequence352
56.her goodbye hit me in the heart350
57.her only bad habit is me304
58.hollywood squares399
59.home improvement325
60.home in san antone385
61.honky tonk crazy338
62.honky tonk down stairs391
63.honky tonk saturday night314
64.hot burning flames362
65.i aint never seen no one like you408
66.i cant see texas from here464
67.i cross my heart328
68.i just want to dance with you384
69.i know she still loves me389
70.i look at you327
71.i met a friend of yours today409
72.i need someone like me351
73.i wasnt fooling around436
74.if i know me382
75.if its gonna rain625
76.if you aint lovin you aint livin463
77.if you can do anything else397
78.if youre thinking you want a stranger theres one coming home368
79.in too deep302
80.is it already time344
81.is it that time again315
82.it aint cool to be crazy about you378
83.its too late now381
84.id just as soon go463
85.id like to have that one back380
86.ill always be loving you433
87.im never gonna let you go487
88.im satisfied with you412
89.ive come to expect it from you493
90.ive convinced everybody but me383
91.ive got a funny feeling463
92.ive seen that look on me a thousand times393
93.just look at me416
94.just wat to dance with you324
95.king of the mountain355
96.last in love366
97.last time the first time356
98.lead on466
99.leavins been comin for a long, long time448
100.leftys gone481
101.lets fall to pieces together584
102.living and living well396
103.lonesome rodeo cowboy366
104.lookin out my window through the pain492
105.love comes from the other side331
106.love without end amen333
108.lover in disguise305
109.lovesick blues348
111.marina del ray412
113.merry christmas strait to you326
114.milk cow blues395
115.murder on music row346
116.my heart wont wander very far from you377
117.my lifes been grand576
118.my old flame is burnin another honky tonk down453
119.need i say more424
120.neon row351
121.no one but you300
122.nobody has to get hurt343
123.nobody in his right mind wouldve left her387
124.ocean front property344
125.oh me, oh my sweet baby329
126.one night at a time350
127.one of you315
128.one step at a time338
129.our paths may never cross323
130.overnight male346
131.overnight success349
132.peace of mind335
133.remember the alamo325
134.rhythm of the road369
135.right or wrong361
136.rockin in the arms of your memory419
137.round about way338
139.santa claus is coming to town366
140.she knows when youre on my mind406
141.she lays it all on the line328
142.she loves me she dont love you447
143.she took the wind from his sails354
144.shell leave you with a smile444
145.should have watched344
146.so much like my dad336
147.someones walkin around upstairs490
148.stars on the water368
149.stay out of my arms341
150.thats me every chance i get544
151.thats the breaks448
152.thats the truth538
153.thats where i wanna take our love and settle down367
154.the best day of my life372
155.the big one364
156.the chair334
157.the cowboy rides away334
158.the fire i cant put out458
159.the fireman367
160.the king of broken hearts356
161.the man in love with you303
162.the middle of nowhere345
163.the nerve340
164.the nights just right for love443
165.the only thing i have left303
166.the real thing356
167.the road less traveled309
168.the steal of the night349
169.theres a new kid in town478
170.thoughts of a fool342
171.today my world slipped away339
172.too much of too little353
173.trains make me lonesome342
175.under these conditions330
177.we must be loving right316
178.we really shouldnt be doing this436
179.were supposed to do that now and then405
180.what a merry christmas this could be353
181.what am i waiting for363
182.what do you say to that374
183.whats going on in your world408
184.when did you stop loving me342
185.when its christmas time in texas440
186.where the sidewalk ends311
187.which side of the glass383
188.white christmas484
189.why not now391
190.winter wonderland521
191.without me around334
192.wont you come home and talk to a stranger415
193.write this down384
194.you cant make a heart love somebody394
195.you havent left me yet411
196.you know me better than that335
197.you look so good in love410
198.you sure got this ol redneck feellin blue445
199.youre dancin this dance all wrong385
200.youre right im wrong431
201.youre something special to me409
202.youre stronger than me493
203.youre the cloud im on when im high386
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