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heres a dedication
to the men and women whove served in vietnam
from our generation to you and your family...
respect is long overdue
memories of blood, red, white, blue
orange skies at night, southeast asia knew
you were called to serve and you did it well
for us youve made a round-trip through hell
wars within wars, within wars
to survive you made your own laws
every day and night to stay alive
you kept your head down and your powder dry
memories of families
its god ive known
take me home
now you live asking god why
he didnt take you when your brothers all died
explosions shake the dreams in your head at night in bed
dont wake him up or youll end up dead
try to understand his pain
he still sees blood stains that remain
in his heart and mind, try to numb the pain
people think they understand
sat watching tv back on quiet land
they spit on you now well spit back for you
our hearts, our voice, gift of our hands
what can they do for you and those who served
and died, we pay respect to the families
who still cry
your kids are now full grown
with the love and pride you should have known
back when your country brought you home
still now you fight the tears and face your fears each day
but the horrors of fact wont go away
for 2300 mias or pows to this day
we remember and pray for you


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