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panic attack ark sz

which way to turn, is there any way out?
inside my mind i scream and shout
terrible anguish,
whats happening to me?
somebody please set my soul free
dug induced or maybe insane
what the fuck is wrong with my brain?
only grows stronger, pain it grows bigger
somebody please pull the damn trigger
anxiety, the panic attack
any way for me to get back
heart is racing, mind is a blur
cold sweat, palpitations occur
discontent with life (2x)
get this monkey of my back
anxiety, the panic attack
someone to talk or maybe a friend
only draws nearer the ominous end
heart racing faster, just might explode
its all in my head, thats what im told
consummate professional curing my ills,
stop wasting my time
with those dumb little pills
who can i cry to? i turn here and there
tears on my pillow, i rip out my hair
lost count of the girls
still im not sane or content
with this world
discontent with life
discontent with life


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