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man with a promise ark sz

a man with a promise smashes down my door
he sees a future with me, hes gonna give me more
"give all your trust, im sure you wont regret
just sign the dotted lind, and ill do so the rest"
he says i cant make it alone, not without him
but ive always been on my own, he doesnt know who i am
and now im starting to see just what you are to me
a parasitic leech of my life

pre-chorus i:

you feed off the art that i bleed
youre a man with a promise but you aint shit to me
a man broke his promise and he wants reparations
he sold me up the river, caused me grief and frustration
i gave him all my trust and got stabbed in the back
a lucky motherfucker that he hasnt yet been whacked
you aint no fuckin artist, spend your life exploiting others
try all you want, you cant break me or my brothers
a business man vulture, no honor, no class
take your money and your lawyers and shoveem up your ass
pre-chorus ii:

you feed off the art that i bleed
numbers to you is just pain to me

now the tables are turned
cant you see motherfucker that youvre been burned
your a man with a promise but you aint shit to me
you aint shit to me

pre-chorus ii



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