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lack there of ark sz

lack of trust, all alone
lookin down at the bottom of a hole
ive no trust, bare my soul
are we alone or do we have friends
or are we just searchin for a means to an end
what up, peace out, my boys and all that
but as soon as we leave they talk behind our backs
low selfimage of the way things are
either way we lose and we can never go far
cause always well wonder as to just whats the deal
it just depends on what you feel is real
perception is everything inside our brains
with much bigger problems, no time for games
of people acting down but its just a facade
cant say it to my face, isnt that odd
just what exactly does trust mean
is it about being down with the scene
or is it about following your own true heart
and being true to your friends to the end from the start
just what is wealth its just how you view it
its not having to wonder whether or not you might lose it
it cant be about material gain
if youre drowning alone neck deep in pain
to trust and lay your soul on the line
may not be the nature of most humankind
lookin over your shoulder is no way to go
so stick with true friends and do without the doubt


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