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justified violence ark sz

tough times ahead of me
tough times behind
i fight for my life, i fight till i die
i fight to save my mind
its justified violence
it burns from within
sometimes a man must fight
its not always a sin
its not a sin!
justified violence
justified violence!
an innocent victim becomes the pun,
hat thriving fools in search of some fun
its not fun to fight ten to one
some wont accept it
that you wont conform
like bees upon honey the animals swarm
unjust acts come back to you, i warn
chorus (2x)
thos who dont fight fair,
youd best beware
fight to be yourself
do unto others
as youd have done to you
a beating was given in an unfair fight,
revenge is planned, a posse in the night
street justice decides wrong from right
for the blood and the honor
the sucker will pay,
we will show them the meaning of prey
today is judgement day
chorus (2x)
when youre latying face down
and youre part of the ground
what comes around goes around -
justified violence
when youre down in the streets
get back on your feet
defending youre pride for justified
justified violence
justified violence
justified violence


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