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how it is ark sz

look into the yes of a madman
you can see it in his face, hes a weak and sad man
staring straight ahead, his eyes set like stone
with a nine millimeter cocked at your dome
no way out, its too late cause youre already in it
so whatcha gonna do youll be dead in a minute
thinking slow will get you nowhere fast
a young life terminated with one short blast
you live like that, you die like this
that s how it is
livin with regret is no way to live
thats how it is
youre dead too soon if the bullet dont miss
thats how it is kid
how it is
thats what you get for
living like this
with a bullet in your head - youre dead, you cant miss
aint no time for regret when youre body is in a bag
aint no time to change your mind when your head begins to sag
shouldve known better, aint working for you now
maybe if youd know better youd be here somehow
so change your ways before you ways change you
with a hole in your head that you can see through
youre looking up and youre looking down
shots are rippin out from all around
youre crying out for help but it cant be found
the voice of regret is the only sound
you play the game and you pay the price
for hustlin in the gutter with the motherfuckin street lice
youre runnin and gunnin and whatever else goes
and youre goin with your crew whichever way the wind blows
"cause you got their back and they got yours
and you live for yourself and you make your own laws
but sooner or later what goes around comes around
you wind up dead and buried in hard, cold ground


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