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gravity ark sz

i feel a weight thats pulling me down,
but my reflex is to try to break out,
nature gives fight or flight syndrome,
but my feet stay on the ground thats how ive grown,
bred to resist the gravity of anything thats fucking with me,
survivalist instincts through my veins are pounding,
transfused at birth by my urban surroundings.
gravity wont allow me to fly,
it pulls me down, the pain, i wont cry,
resistance and drive fueled by hunger,
what doesnt kill me makes me stronger.
i just cant let shit get to me,
got to reflect back on what pop taught me,
to be your own man no matter what,
to never back down, and follow your gut,
instinct, something he said that id know,
something that id carry wherever i go,
he told me someday id have to fight to be free,
and resist the weight of gravity.
calloused hands wipe away tears,
of the pain of a man broken by years,
a silent shot that nobody hears,
a smoking gun of our own fears,
my father worked all his life and for what,
day in, day out, caught in a rut,
the pain of apathy, razor-sharp cutting,
but ill make sure he doesnt die for nothing.


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