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five blocks to the subway ark sz

walkin five blocks every day to earn my keep
it aint easy when youre walkin on these streets
runnin on a tightrope its a real thin line
thinkin that you might die this time
some things will never change, a street education
so close yet so far, just a block from the station
standin on the corner, i might get taken out
five blocks to the subway, just five blocks away
five blocks to the subway, i can do that any day
theres a local wise guy he owns the whole damn block
its easy doin business when youre payin off the cops
makin money pushin drugs wouldnt stop if he could
killin kids in his own damn neighborhood
watch out for muggers and the pickpockets beware
you get to play these games when you pay transit fare
trials and tribulations, a journey made each day
this is my reality,the hardest game to play
standin on the platform and im waiting for the train
good thing im underground, now its startin to rain
always stand alone, hold the wall up with my back
or else you might get pushed on to the tracks


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