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down for life ark sz

if you were to ask for a favor
there is no such thing, just natural behavior
you see were family inside
to say were down with you, yo we say it with pride
because to us youre real people
never talkin down, always as an equal
were brothers of blood, we share the knife
and now well see, who is down for life
but you front and leave us in doubt
we know who you are and what youre all about
not sharing mutual respect
and having to worry about stickin out our necks
instead of crying about the loss
were thankful for those who are down for the cause
we live our lives full of rage
keepin ourselves down, mentality of the stone age
negative emotions project zero
worryin and hating, youll never be a hero
reach around our back and pull out the knife
and knowing exactly whos down for life


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