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disease ark sz

i found a way out, a solution inside
from the things that are bothering me
its been too long since i felt this way
from your sad life i broke free
dont ever think that you ripped me apart
and walked away with a piece
cause you can not penetrate my cold heart
and fill it with your disease
i wonder now how i lived before
deaf, dumb, dead and blind
i moved my life forward and im never goin back
and ive left you far behind
theres a lot of things that ive now realized
from the way that you treated me
its bullshit and its hatred you epitomized
you were blessed to have been with me

you filled my life with your disease
id rather die on my feet than live on my knees
disease is flowing through my veins
id rather die right now than live in pain
looking around at the past and the present
things are so much better now
your misery wanted my company
but you cant keep a good man down
whatever made me want to be with you
is something i cant understand
cuz if i never saw your fucking face again
id die a happy man
chorus 2x


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