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camouflage ark sz

camouflage you close your eyes, hiding in plain sight
wrapped tightly in blankets of lies, live whatever life you synthesize
disguise the truth about yourself, bury it six feet deep,
bring to life your deceit and stealth, lock the door and throw away the key.

hide behind your lies, i seek through your disguise
it leads to your demise, i see it in your eyes.

disarray your life slips into, falling apart at the seams,
you cant understand whats going on, who you once were is forever gone.
on and on the tangled web you weave, running from your past
you listen to whatever you want to believe
too late karma comes around to you so fast.

all you do is lie, cheit deceive
everyone you hate, need, believe
all you do is lie.

flippin around the truth, youre slipping;
tighten the noose around your neck is ripping,
anything you wish, take a pen and script in
manufacture the truth all you do is lie...


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