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breakdown ark sz

unjustified, persecution of my free mind.
im horrified, the cruel nature of you and your kind
crucified for just trying to be myself.
suicide, id rather die than live in your hell.

i will not break, i will not bend,
i will not go quietly, i will never bow down to them.

i close my eyes, i can see more clearly,
you criticize the things i hold dearly
you victimize because you fear me
its your demise, you should have let me be.

you wont break me down.

the harder i swim against the tide the more it pulls me down
feel the pressure on my life, as i struggle and fight not to drown.
why do you, why do you try to break me, youll never break me down.
ill never let you break me, youll never break me down.

the more i try to live my life the harder you are on me
there is no wrong there is no right, what will it take for you to see?


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