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black and white and red all over ark sz

fascism, the epitome of ignorance
listen up, ill give you a for instance
people go hating for the color of skin
wont they learn theyll never win
play into the hands of the media vultures
we must learn to unite our cultures
violence constantly tears us apart
show the world that weve got heart

blood is spilled on black and white
different colors, why do we fight
face the facts, stone cold sober
black and white and red all over
thousands die and kill each other
someone rapes and stabs their mother
i think its sick to count the death toll
on and on the media rolls
drive by shootings, homicide
nobody cares about the mother who cried
a familys grief stepped on by ratings
understand why i keep hating
it makes no sense for us to be pawns
in the chess game that the media plays
if the streets are where you run
there you die, why? find yourself a way out
black and white and red all over
ruling out the positive and any hope for peace
this will only kill the moral, paper sales increase
this shit has got to cease
black and white and red all over
believe half of what you read and half of wath you see
put two and two together and youll have reality
cant you see my reality?
turn on the tv and what do i see
killing, murder and blasphemy
rape, arson, robberies
people die of incurable disease
crashes, bashes, people on crack
scandal, war and heart attack
always strife in the middle fucking east
if war sell papers why dont peace


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