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im an old cowhand from the rio grande ark sz
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im an old cowhand from the rio grande ark sz

im an old cowhand from the rio grande
but my legs aint bowed and my cheeks aint tan
im a cowboy who never saw a cow
never roped a steer cause i dont know how
sure aint a fixin to start in now
yippie yi yo kayah

im an old cowhand and i come down from the rio grande
and i learned to ride, ride, ride fore i learned to stand
im a riding fool who is up to date
i know every trail in the lone star state
cause i ride the range in a ford v-8
yippie yi yo kayah

were old cowhands from the rio grande
and we come to town just to hear the band
we know all the songs that the cowboys know
bbout the big corral where the doggies go
we learned them all on the radio
yippie yi yo kayah

im an old cowhand
oh yes, mr. bing.
too hot for you, uncle fudd?
down from the rio grande
oh where the west is wild all around the borderland
where the buffalo roam around the zoo
and the injuns run up a rug or two
and the old bar x is just a barbecue, yeah
yippie yi yo kayah

im a pioneer who began from scratch
i dont bat an eye in a shootin match.
they dont call me elmer, they call me satch.
yippie yi yo kayah
yippie yi yo kayah

get along little horsy
get along little horsy
yippie yi yo kayah, oh!


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