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ambrosia, ambrosia arklar, ambrosia ark szleri
1.andsomewhere ive never travelled478
4.art beware540
5.baby come back412
6.biggest part of me431
7.cant let a woman561
8.cowboy star410
9.cryin in the rain614
10.dancin by myself498
11.danse with me george366
12.drink of water396
14.feelin alive again632
15.fool like me418
16.for openers welcome home390
18.heart to heart461
19.holdin on to yesterday573
20.how can you love me457
21.how much i feel454
22.i wanna know411
23.ice age387
24.if heaven could find me501
26.kid no more398
27.life beyond la369
28.livin on my own651
29.lover arrive648
30.make us all aware433
31.mama frog426
32.nice, nice, very nice450
33.no big deal395
34.not as you were473
36.ready for camarillo399
37.rock n a hard place504
38.runnin away486
39.shape im in530
40.still not satisfied413
41.the brunt468
42.time waits for no one434
43.we need you too492
44.world leave me alone436
45.youre the only woman581
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