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down the old ox road ark sz

theres a famous thoroughfare,
ive heard collegiates say.
im not referring to piccadilly.
its not 42nd street,
its not the rue de la paix,
nor is it market street in philly.
ask most any college romeo,
to complete your education you must go....

down the old ox road.
though youll never find where it is
by looking in maps,
with a little investigation youll discover perhaps,
that this old traditions not a place
but just a proposition called
the old ox road,
the old ox road.

ox road could be any romantic spot:
a country highway or a moonlit yacht.
it could be in the parlor
when the lights are burning low;
it could be in the movie
in the very last row.

down the old ox road.
in the magic of the moonlight
you are filled with delight,
while the leaves that flutter oer you
whisper lover tonight,
why keep waiting, and debating,
when you know its time for mating
on the old ox road,
on the old ox road.


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