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gene pitney, gene pitney arklar, gene pitney ark szleri
1. sycamor441
2.a street called hope401
3.aladdins lamp570
4.all by myself401
6.answer me my love666
7.autumn leaves3849
9.billy youre my friend727
10.blue angel388
11.born to lose388
12.caria mia803
14.cradle of my arms355
15.cry your eyes out409
17.donna means heartbreak387
18.every breath i take392
19.eyes talk417
20.far away places356
21.garden of love377
22.half heaven, half hearttache464
23.half the laughter, twice the tears338
24.hello mary lou452
25.i cant stop loving you526
26.i love you more today414
27.i must be seeing things380
28.i should try to forget396
29.i wanna love my life away408
30.if i didnt have a dime to play the jukebox431
31.if i never get to love you1192
32.in the cold light of day368
33.it hurts to be in love369
34.im gonna be strong470
35.just one smile394
36.last chance to turn around368
37.lips are redder on you328
38.little betty falling star373
39.looking through the eyes of love380
40.louisiana mama383
41.maria elena412
43.mission bell405
44.mr moon, mr cupid and i403
45.nobody needs your love340
46.not responsible2773
47.oceans away399
48.only love can break a heart650
49.playing games of love397
50.princess in rags350
51.shady lady1008
52.somethings gotten hold of my heart693
53.somewhere in the country349
54.that girl belongs to yesterday347
55.the bosses daughter379
56.the first cut is the deepest346
57.the man who shot liberty valance359
58.tower tall411
59.town without pity373
60.trans-canada highway378
61.true love never runs smooth388
62.twenty four hours from tulsa374
63.who needs it343
64.yesterdays hero556
65.yours until tomorrow371
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