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gene clark, gene clark arklar, gene clark ark szleri
2.a rose is a rose412
3.after the storm399
4.back in my life again357
5.because of you413
6.blue raven430
7.carry on367
9.crazy ladies411
10.dangerous games362
11.dark hollow392
12.dark of my moon416
13.day for night383
14.dragons eye377
15.fair and tender ladies353
16.feel a whole lot better398
17.freedom walk364
18.from a silver phial424
19.full circle559
21.git it on brother372
22.give my love to marie410
23.gypsy rider396
24.hear the wind396
25.here tonight346
26.home run king388
27.i need to fly416
28.i pity the poor immigrant333
29.i remember the railroad376
30.i saw a dream come true449
31.if you could read my mind359
32.immigrant girl341
33.in a misty morning351
34.in the pines570
35.kansas city southern344
37.lady of the north451
38.last of the blue diamond miners358
39.last thing of my mind305
40.lonely saturday380
41.long time359
42.los angeles642
43.love wins again393
44.made for love347
45.mary anne447
46.mary sue437
48.mississippi detention camp326
49.mrtambourine man340
50.my marie364
51.no longer a sweetheart of mine395
52.no memories hanging round399
53.no other556
54.on the run352
55.once in a lifetime368
56.one in a hundred340
57.opening day367
58.outlaw song535
59.past addresses364
60.pledge to you375
62.put your faith in me358
63.rain song393
65.rock of ages354
66.rodeo rider366
67.rough and rocky1001
68.set you free this time318
69.she dont care about time487
70.shes the kind of girl471
71.ship of the lord410
72.shooting star382
73.silent crusade352
74.silver raven385
75.sister moon609
76.sleep will return361
77.so you say you lost your baby443
78.some misunderstanding383
79.something about you baby365
80.somethings wrong460
81.somewhere after midnight422
82.spanish guitar351
83.strength of strings368
84.tears of rage348
85.thats alright by me446
86.the american dreamer389
87.the french girl404
88.the hurting game375
89.the radio song349
90.the true one355
91.the virgin367
92.through the morning, through the night367
93.train leaves here this morning350
94.tried so hard376
96.wall around your heart339
97.washington square414
98.where my love lies asleep379
99.white light370
100.why not your baby363
101.winter in455
102.with tomorrow360
103.you showed me651
104.your fire burning358
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