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when im gone ark sz

well, it seems you thought it over
and you feel im not the one
and you think you might do better on your own
you say lovers vows only hold you down
so i guess im moving on
but whatll you think about me
when im gone

what will you think about me when im gone
said and done
when old memories fall like footsteps
will you think its me coming home
well, i thought your eyes could see compromise
but thats one thing youve never done
whatll you think about me when im gone

will some others kiss taste sweeter
or will my pictures haunt your room
will it make your nights pass easier
or will you think you were a fool

when my pillows bare and youre lying there
will a heartache linger on
whatll you think about me when im gone
whatll you think about me when im gone...


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