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talk some ark sz

well, hold on baby, somethings happenin here
i read your body language perfectly clear
but, somethings fishy baby
its like the cat got your tongue
well you done proved you aint shy
honey look me in the eye
talk some

i know youre there baby
i hear you breathin
lets use some caution lady
before proceedin, talk some
tell me whats your game
talk some
girl i dont even know your name
honey, im here to listen
we got coffee in the kitchen
talk some

you make me nervous baby
dont keep me waiting
is there some secret you aint articulatin
ive got to ask baby, ive got to know
is there something in your past
or is there someone back home

youre into mystery baby but i can do without you
tonight is history lady
if we can talk about it
you call the signals, maybe
its time to pass, kick or run
well honey i aint hard of hearing
come and whisper in my ear and talk some

you think its strange baby, i deem it necessary
ive got to have some of your vocabulary
im getting tired of this game of tom and jerry
dictate your thoughts baby
ill be your secretary

are you from detroit, are you from tallahassee
i cant believe you aint got something
to tell or ask me
dont think its crazy baby
its just my rule of thumb
how will we know where were going
if we dont know where weve been
talk some

well honey im here to listen
we got coffee in the kitchen
talk some
well youve done proved you aint shy
honey look me in the eye
and talk some

talk some...


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