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gary barlow, gary barlow arklar, gary barlow ark szleri
1.all that ive given away430
3.are you ready now605
4.arms around you398
6.before you turn away414
7.cry on my shoulder395
8.cuddly toy449
9.dont need a reason659
10.everything i ever wanted445
11.fast car424
12.for all that yooou want426
13.for all that you want379
14.forever love435
16.hang on in there baby384
17.hard to handle389
18.harvest for the world410
19.i fall so deep404
20.i miss it all408
21.lay down for love434
22.lie to me420
23.looking for change413
24.love wont wait572
25.luv luv luv492
26.meaning of a love song418
27.million to one465
28.my best friend399
29.my commitment358
30.never knew472
31.new beginnng419
32.nothing feels the same489
33.offer my peace447
34.open road522
35.so help me girl420
39.yesterdays girl639
40.your song432
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