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you didnt expect that ark sz

you didnt expect that
i was your man, you were my girl
would have given anything to you in this world
so why is it latelyyouve been acting cold to me
you dont want to talk to me
you dont like my touch
so tell me why would you do this
could have told me so
ida let you go
look how it ends
we cant even be friends

when you cheat when you lie when you kiss me goodnight
you didnt expect that i would find out
when its late whe nyou say you were at your friends house
you didnt expect that i would find out

so many little things keep on adding up
girl ive had enough pretending that im blind
two way blowing up way past 12 oclock
let me tell you what
its about that time
and yesterday i followed you baby
i know where youve been
i saw you with him
look how it ends
we cant even be friends


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