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ride ark sz

im a take you for a ride
with me ? tonight

theres something that i want to
say to you girl
straight from my heart
im never gonna hurt you
shake up your world
like hes doin

justt ell him that youre busy
got things to do
he wont be seeing you
ill pick you up at seven
taking you to heaven
cause girl...

im a take you for a ride
with me ? tonight
its just a little drive
us two - so right
im feelin such a vibe
with you - so lets ride
no need to fuss or fight
with him ? tonight

im a take you for a...

just tell me what youre feeling
baby id like to know
straight from your heart
tonight were gonna be in
a fantasy
so get in my car

i know what youve been thinkin
youre torn apart
but he dont treat you right
ill be on time at seven
were gonna be in heaven
cause girl...


im a take you for a...

(chorus 2x)

im a take you for a ride
with me ? tonight
its just a little drive


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