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higher than high ark sz

come with me, take it high, yeah
(higher than high)
lets take it to the top, ah

i missed the plain today
it doesnt matter
my phone it rang a dozen times
but no one was there
tick tack, tick tack, my watch stopped
it doesnt matter
go with a fault and dont despair

its such a struggle
just to let it all go by
but let it happen
its all so clear


higher than high
dont lose a feeling
gonna strech my wings beyond the sky
i dont need a reason
higher than high
ewve had enough confusion
carry me back, carry me back
please take me back

i had a date today
it doesnt matter
i made a point to be on time
but no one was there
im on a mountain top
it doesnt matter
just settled back and dont be scared

its such a struggle
just to let it all go by
but let it happen
its all so clear


dont sit at home alone
follow the stars ahead
maybe you have some doubts
or maybe its just the feeling
to let it go, let go...

girl: hello?
billy: hello.
girl: hey, whos this?
billy: its billy.
girl: oh, hey billy. whats up?
billy: not much. why didnt you come to the party last night?
girl: i had things to do, billy.
billy: can we talk or something, you know... i mean...
girl: no, billy. i gotta go.
billy: oh...
girl: see ya.
billy: bye...

chorus (2x)


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