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amanda marshall, amanda marshall arklar, amanda marshall ark szleri
1.beautiful goodbye524
2.believe in you380
3.best of me339
5.brand new beau368
6.colleen i saw him first420
7.dark horse404
9.double agent433
10.everybodys got a story616
11.fall from grace396
12.give up giving in356
13.if i didnt have you627
14.inside the tornado354
15.just love me645
16.last exit to eden392
17.last exit to eden630
18.lets get lost676
19.love is my witness423
20.love lift me415
21.marry me431
22.never said goodbye411
23.out of bounds423
25.red magic marker432
27.right here all along400
28.shades of grey431
29.sitting on top of the world395
30.sunday morning after340
31.the gypsy457
32.the voice inside345
33.too little, too late590
34.trust me this is love376
35.why dont you love me545
36.wishful thinking347
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