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wiped out ark sz

wiped out!
i went to a party, just so smartly, cool as cool could be
i knew i could make it, knew i could shake it, lose some fancy free
so i went to the table and reached for a bottle
and poured me a glass of wine
took a few sips and looked around, i was feelin fine
but an hour along, comin on strong, i was gettin drunk
the next thing i knew i looked at you, i was blind as a skunk, i was

i was wiped out, i had my lights out
was fallin right out, cos i was wiped out

through the smoke-filled room i caught your eye
and i think that you caught mine
and i knew in a minute or maybe less, it was just a matter of time
then you started to move with such a groove, stronger than sneakin slow
then you looked at me with your big blue eyes, they had such a glow
then i took your hand and tried to stand and ended up sittin back down
then you smiled at me and gave me a wink, how quick i lost my frown, i was


so i looked at you and then i knew that we were gonna have some fun
so i thought to myself, wine was out, we should switch to rum
so without a word, and like some bird, we flew to another place
and pretty soon we were in some room stretched miles out in space
the room was turnin, we were burnin, things became a haze
it seemed that already i had too many, firewater caused the blaze, i was

chorus repeats out


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