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something deep inside ark sz

the first time that it crossed my mind,
i kept on pushing it aside.
its such a strong emotion.
second time its plain to see,
this feeling rushing over me
oh yeah.....
and unknown to me
this chemistry is....
something deep inside
i can feel but i cant touch
can never get too much
i hear you loud and clear
ive got nothing to fear
your love will be my guide
ive never been this satisfied
its something deep inside
the third time was just as sweet,
boy you make my life complete,
every thought and motion.
its hard just telling you,
but everything i feel is true.
oh yeah....
and unknown to me
this chemistry is....
you do the thing that make me feel this way,
its so hard to find the right thing to say,
but follow emotion the love and devotion,
youll find....
repeat x3


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