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the truth ark sz

they called you a failure, they called you a lost cause
they said you would never become anything at all
a generation with no direction
but when i look in your eyes
i see the prize yet to be claimed

ill say it once, ill say it twice
that your life was worth the price
paid for you, paid for me
and i believe that in you and i know youll find the truth

i know youve been broken, cause ive seen the abuse
i know theres a place inside your heart
begging for truth
for a softspoken answer that wont break your spirit
and when i look in your eyes
i see the prize thats yet to be claimed

repeat chorus

but thats not what they told you
when they said that they gave up on you
and youre nothing, and youll never be anything
i wait for the day when youll stand up and say
i can do all things through him who strengthens me

repeat chorus


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