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suddenly ark sz

solo, lonely and afraid
hold on, somethings bound to break
falling down, running from the promised land
midnight, and im still awake
dont feel right, havent slept for days
im so tired my thoughts are getting weak
and im wired, can i get some peace?

suddenly you are here with me
finding a reason to believe
i know youll be here to the end of time
and when the night falls all around
my frightened heart the only sound
i know youll be here to the end of time

maybe it was my mistakes
that kept on pulling me away
i was still living yesterday
the message that i want to relay
without him, theres no other way
so dont try to make it on your own
when youre lost, he will lead you home


cant imagine life without your hand in mine
i cant believe ive lived this long without you
i know that you will find a purpose for my life
beyond my wildest dreams, beyond what i can see


suddenly youre here and im not alone anymore
when the night falls round, i am not alone anymore


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