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live life ark sz

as the years have passed me by
i have laughed and i have cried
i have done so many things that i regret
and i have seen what it means
to take a stand and to believe
to hold every given moment close to me
but nothing compares to your love
the love you gave to me

live life, live free
you cut the chains that once held me
you held the key, opened up eternity
your mercy and sweetness when i felt so worthless
you broke down my walls and made me see

since i heard your name
i have never been the same
jesus, youre so precious to me
beautiful savior, redeemer and healer
youre everything that ill ever need
nothing compares to your love
the blood you shed to me

its more beautiful than diamonds and pearls
more mysterious than when a boy meets a girl
its deeper than an ocean of blue shining down just to reach to you
its more heavenly than angels with wings
more musical than voices and strings
it makes you feel like dancing again, makes you want to sing


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