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little did i know ark sz

i had an angel that sat on my shoulder,
seems like everybodys got one,
i had the devil waiting on standby,
for when i wanted to have some fun
thought that i was living forever,
i thought that my smile would get me in,
never felt the wind that was coming,
never thought the party would end
no, no, no, no...

little did i know
that you were all i needed
little did i see
until you opened up my eyes
little did i know
that one prayer could reach you
little did i know
that you even cared

i had my daddy wrapped round my finger
i never made my momma cry
nothin but smiles on the outside
but all the while living a lie
if you ask me am i going to heaven,
i said you know ive been a good good girl
im gonna spend all my money on makeup
and a find a boy who will buy me the world


little did i know
that you loved me before i even met you
i didnt see beyond myself
but i couldnt fight forever
because you are so easy to trust
and now we play together
my life has just begun

chorus x2


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