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its hard to be a girl ark sz

its hard to be a girl
once upon a magazine
there i saw a beauty queen
and she challenged me to be something i could not be
she had the looks, the kind that kill.
with one look i felt so incomplete and obsolete
i cant compete, you cant competea?
so im lookin in the mirror im tryin to see mine,
not the traces of the faces that ive seen a million timesa?
with jesus in my life, jesus in my life
i dont have to changea?

im a girl
livin in the world
where wrong is right and my body is more important than my mind.
so come on girls, weve got to get together
you know we cant give upa?
ya know, its hard enough to be a girl

so, you want a perfect girl
in a mini skirt and pearls
with a lovely disposition and changeable opinions
that may be nice, but heres the factsa?
i wont sacrifice true love that lasts, for house and cash
i cant do that, i wont do that

so im lookin in the mirror and i cant believe my eyes
cause im seeing whats inside me for the very first time
with jesus in my life, jesus in my life
i dont have to change a thing


gotta get your influence from something real
so cmon live your life girla?
god will give you the hope
if you just imagine
all that he can do if you want him to


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