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inside out ark sz

inside out lyrics

i used to wanna live inside a fairytale
i wanted to be perfect and complete
but every time i tried to figure out my life
i was always disappointed with the ending

and everythings different now
i am not the same anymore

lately, its so amazing what youre doing to me
re-arranging me from the inside out
only you can take away
all my superficial ways
you have shown me what beautys about
from the inside out

every day i find another reason why
im grateful for the miracle you sent
and even when its hard i gotta thank you lord
for giving me the blessing of a breath

the one thing i know that is true
its not about me anymore
its all about you

fairytales come and go
they ebb and flow
but everybody knows
ashes dona??t turn to gold
theres more to be told


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