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i believe ark sz

i used to close my eyes and pray the time would pass me by
so i could fly away in my dreams to anywhere unreal
and id hide away from everything
i didnt know what was real, i didnt know the truth
there was a day when somebody introduced me to you
and you breathed your life in me
you set me free...

now ill shout it from the mountain
that im not the same that i used to be
i believe in god, believe in god
im not ashamed to talk about it
to a world that slowly slips away
that i believe in god, believe in god

now at the end of the day when nothing seems to go my way
ive got a friend, ive got a love thats never gonna let me go
since you gave your life for me
you set me free...


oh, when i feel so alone
he comes to sweetly say
its all gonna be okay
oh, when my emotions flow
he comes to sweetly say
its all gonna be okay



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