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anything is possible ark sz

i know that youve been thinking
i see it in your eyes
youre holding on to something
but still you dont know why
so walk by faith and not by what you see
trust your heart and let yourself believe

i can do things, things you never knew
change your world, make it all brand new
i can do miracles if you want me to
anything is possible for you

anything, anything, anything, anything is possible

i know your hearts been broken
you feel so all alone
but i will never leave you lonely
ill never let you go
so walk by faith and not by what you see
its up to you to let your heart believe


if i can make the heavens
if i can make it rain
if i can make your heart beat
then i can ease your pain
if im the only answer, the only one thats right
tell me why are you still searching?
why do you still fight?cause i cant
when i can do


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