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officially yours ark sz

nine to five a.m.
gonna party all weekend
i got your message but i aint got time
so much stuff to do
girlfriends keeping me from you but
i wanna see you
honey thats no lie
aint no way aint no use
cos im officially yours
kick your fears baby you cant lose
cos honey im not the girl gonna do you wrong
aint no doubt always true
cos im officially yours
always give my love to you
baby all night long
boy you that i
always like to socialise
but that dont mean
that im not down with you
this girls got to be
who she is cos this is me
who says it means that im gonna do
what the other girls do?
i cant deny that i wanna be, oh
everything that you need from me
just relax oh baby cant you see
dont have to follow me
you got my honesty
so dont you worry
cos im gonna treat you right
no situation
no need to fuss and fight oh no
(chorus x2)


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