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love groove ark sz

sugar honey honey sexy
sugar honey honey sexy
a limited sensation
to that feeling that you crave
one that means much more to you
than to socialise stroke rave
the remedy is pure to me
taking the honey from the bee
you adopt this smooth sensation
taking in deep meditation
baby sacrifice your stress
then ill help you melt your best
trust it baby nice and slow
trust me baby youre to know
the love groove
has a different kind of move
the feeling of security
tenderness, reality
the love groove
it flows from me to you
youre filling your best fantasies
baby set your mind on me
sugar honey honey sexy
feel it set your mind on me
the portion that relies on pulse
absorb it baby to your most
oh, im sure you know the score
just lay it honey, nice and cool
come and fix your dreams on me
be the best that you can be
you adopt this new devotion
giving in to pure emotion
yo what up shorty, ive seen you move
shaking your thing, youre looking real smooth
slide my way girl, make it real hot
theres never a doubt i can hit the right spot
each time we touch i can tell its just more than lust
just take my hand and a little bit of trust
and when youre all alone
with thoughts of nothing but me
look in the phone book
under sweet p
(chorus x2)
the love groove...
the love groove


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