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because we want to ark sz

we can do anything that we want,we can,we can,
we can,we can do anything that we want
whhy you gotta play that song so loud?
because we want to, because we want to!
why you alwas run around in crowds?
because we want to,because we ant to!
whyd you have to dance all night?
because we want to, because we want to!
whyd you always say whats on your mind?
because we want to, because we want to!

dont try to tell me what i already know
dont criticize me cause im running the show
some revolution is going to happen today,
im gonna chase the dark clothes away.
come on and help me sing it.

we can do what we want to do
we can do anything,
free to be, who we want to be,
just tell yourself you can do it



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