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so tired ark sz

im so tired
dont hold me down
just get up off me baby
wish you werent around
if it was a silent night
would the silence feel right
could i sleep then
for what she said

third street promenade, twenty buck baby clothes
the brightest sun you ever seen
it shines down on me
it shines down on me
let me go (x5)

well youre not what you seem, anyone can see
im so tired, baby
take off my clothes
the water stoo warm, i burnt my toe
i hear the phone out there somewhere
but i know youll never call
i reach for my cigarettes, yeah
i was born on a couch, four weeks premature
the brightest sun you ever seen
it shines down on me
it shines down on me

to have seen what ive seen (x6)

so tired baby (x6)


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