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breakfast ark sz

if you like it
i might drop by
all the flowers you gave me
were stored away with your memory

you stand so well
all by yourself
im beaten and fancy
ive become
if you knew me well
you could tell
i could care
i could walk through here
with a fear
of the extreme

all love songs are sad
we all relate
so i think ill fool myself
hes got history and a nice face
he knows how to love me
and he could take his place
the more i come around here
the shorter it seems to take
but i wanna fall in love
but i wanna fall in love
with you

you could call me five times a day
you could say im the only one
and i could make you breakfast
every day
every day
every day

if you like it
i might drop by
i just wanted you
wanted you tonight


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