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frank zappa, frank zappa arklar, frank zappa ark szleri
1. years old335
2."no no no"369
3.a few moments with brother a west286
4.a game of cards357
5.a little green rosetta314
6.a nun suit painted on some old boxes343
7.a pound for a brown on the bus745
8.a token of my extreme328
9.a vicious circle391
10.absolutely free342
11.advance romance372
12.advance romance in album you cant do that on stage anymore vol435
13.agency man315
14.alley cat379
15.america drinks342
16.america drinks & goes home288
17.amnesia vivace401
19.any downers351
20.any kind of pain332
21.any way the wind blows357
22.any way the wind blows in album cruising with ruben & the jets260
26.are you hung up343
27.are you upset430
28.artificial rhonda347
30.baby snakes339
31.baby, take your teeth out531
32.bacon fat413
33.baked-bean boogie412
34.bamboozled by love314
35.be in my video358
36.be-bop tango of the old jazzmens church409
37.beauty knows no pain323
38.big leg emma439
39.billy the mountain308
40.black napkins423
41.bobby brown423
42.bobby brown goes down330
43.bow tie daddy408
44.briefcase boogie332
45.broken hearts are for assholes373
46.brown moses334
47.brown shoes dont make it406
48.brown shoes dont make it in album tinseltown rebellion406
49.bwana dik478
50.call any vegetable316
51.call any vegetable in album just another band from la297
52.camarillo brillo332
53.cant afford no shoes415
54.carol, you fool310
55.carolina hard-core ecstasy286
56.carolina hard-core ecstasy in album you cant do that on stage anymore vol386
57.catholic girls322
59.chana in de bushwop316
60.charles ives447
61.charlies enormous mouth431
63.cheap thrills444
65.chocolate halvah440
66.chungas revenge578
67.church chat339
68.city of tiny lites336
69.city of tiny lites in album you cant do that on stage anymore vol334
70.clowns on velvet320
71.cocaine decisions326
72.cocaine decisions in album you cant do that on stage anymore vol398
73.cock-suckers ball475
74.concentration moon316
76.cops & buns272
77.cosmik debris286
78.crew slut320
79.cruising for burgers356
81.daddy, daddy, daddy329
82.dance contest304
83.dancin fool440
84.debra kadabra333
85.dental hygeine dilemma342
87.dew on the newts we got800
88.dickies such an asshole409
89.didja get any onya388
90.dinah moe humm295
91.dinah-moe humm305
93.directly from my heart to you366
94.dirty love314
95.disco boy344
96.diseases of the band333
97.do you like my new car337
98.does this kind of life look interesting to you326
99.dog breath422
100.dog breath, in the year of the plague309
101.dong work for yuda284
102.dont eat the yellow snow493
103.dont you ever wash that thing386
105.doreen in album you cant do that on stage anymore vol411
106.drafted again312
107.drop dead342
108.drowning witch330
109.drowning witch in album you cant do that on stage anymore vol383
110.drums are too noisy420
111.duke of prunes339
112.dumb all over272
113.dummy up309
114.easy meat392
115.echidnas arf of you536
116.eddie, are you kidding296
117.electric aunt jemima312
118.elvis has just left the building370
119.envelops the bath tub430
121.evelyn, a modified dog304
122.excentrifugal forz370
123.father oblivion461
125.find her finer358
126.fine girl361
129.florentine pogen351
130.flower punk330
131.for calvin and his next two hitch-hikers312
132.for the young sophisticate320
133.fountain of love396
134.frogs with dirty little lips373
135.fz/jcb drum duet886
136.galoot up-date304
137.geneva farewell544
138.german lunch532
139.get a little405
140.go cry on somebody elses shoulder466
141.goblin girl525
142.god bless america548
143.half a dozen provocative squats353
144.happy together340
145.harder than your husband324
146.harry & rhonda272
147.harry, youre a beast492
149.he used to cut the grass322
150.heavenly bank account287
151.help, im a rock416
152.here lies love317
153.hes so gay465
154.holding the group back328
155.holiday in berlin436
156.honey, dont you want a man like me356
157.hot plate heaven at the green hotel305
158.hot poop619
159.hot-plate heaven at the green hotel304
160.how could i be such a fool310
161.how could i be such a fool in album cruising with ruben & the jets248
162.hungry freaks, daddy327
163.i aint got no heart443
164.i aint got no heart in album tinseltown rebellion396
165.i come from nowhere355
166.i dont even care425
167.i dont wanna get drafted423
168.i have been in you349
169.i promise not to come in your mouth402
170.ian underwood whips it out310
171.if only she woulda358
172.if wed all been living in california453
173.in france414
174.inca roads365
175.invocation and ritual dance of the young pumpkin375
176.it cant happen here403
177.it just might be a one-shot deal349
178.im a band leader456
179.im a beautiful guy473
180.im not satisfied441
181.im not satisfied in album cruising with ruben & the jets323
182.im so cute802
183.im stealing the towels545
184.im the slime470
185.janets big dance number566
186.jcb & kansas on the bus315
187.jcb & kansas on the bus256
188.jelly roll gum drop348
189.jesus thinks youre a jerk422
190.jewish princess334
191.jezebel boy330
192.joes garage437
193.johnny darling454
194.jones crusher335
195.jumbo go away343
196.just one more time307
198.keep it greasey283
199.keep it greasy283
200.kennys booger story474
201.king kong353
202.later that night288
203.latex solar beef315
204.lemme take you to the beach411
205.lets make the water turn black470
206.lets move to cleveland642
207.like it or not352
208.little girl of mine307
209.little green scratchy sweaters & courduroy ponce349
210.little house i used to live in359
211.little house i used to live in in album fillmore east402
212.little rubber girl325
213.lonely little girl332
214.lonesome cowboy burt306
215.lonesome cowboy nando284
216.lonesome electric turkey813
217.lost in a whirlpool328
218.louie louie350
219.love of my life336
220.love story305
221.lucille has messed my mind up315
222.lucille has messed my mind up in album you cant do that on stage anymore vol370
223.lumpy gravy i303
225.magic fingers325
226.man with the woman head365
227.marquesons chicken545
228.mary lou338
231.mom & dad323
233.montana whipping floss288
234.more trouble every day300
235.mother people325
236.motherly love285
237.mount st marys concert excerpt406
239.mr green genes366
240.ms pinky370
241.mudd club329
242.mudd club in album thing-fish304
243.muffin man356
244.murder by numbers378
245.my guitar wants to kill your mama361
246.my guitar wants to kill your mama in album you cant do that on stage anymore vol397
247.my head356
248.mystery roach399
249.nanook rubs it281
250.nasal retentive calliope music404
251.nig biz1068
252.no not now346
253.no not now in album thing-fish294
254.no waiting for the peanuts to dissolve350
255.no, no cherry404
256.oh no342
257.on the bus302
258.once upon a time314
259.our bizarre relationship305
260.outside now333
261.outside now in album broadway the hard way317
262.packard goose327
263.panty rap329
264.peaches en regalia452
265.peaches iii356
266.penguin in bondage287
267.penis dimension373
268.piano/drum duet1212
269.pick me, im clean436
270.planet of my dreams314
271.planet of the baritone women332
272.plastic people335
273.po-jama people356
274.poofters froth wyoming plans ahead467
275.porn wars321
276.prelude to the afternoon of a sexually aroused gas mask351
281.punkys whips532
282.pygmy twylite386
283.pygmy twylyte325
284.rat tomago399
285.redneck eats373
286.return of the hunch-back duke453
287.rhymin man419
288.ride my face to chicago291
289.right there515
290.road ladies315
291.ronnie sings428
292.ronnies booger story509
293.room service330
294.rubber shirt376
295.rudy wants to buy yez a drink318
296.run home slow: main title theme61
298.sam with the showing scalp flat top314
299.san berdino510
300.satumaa finnish tango443
301.semi-fraudulent/direct-from-hollywood overture366
303.shall we take ourselves seriously352
305.she painted up her face405
306.shove it right in334
307.sleep dirt434
308.sleeping in a jar431
309.smell my beard271
310.society pages299
313.soft-sell conclusion323
314.son of orange county374
315.son of suzy creamcheese446
316.spider of destiny293
317.st alphonzos pancake breakfast400
318.status back baby329
319.stevies spanking439
320.stick it out288
321.stick together297
322.stink foot324
324.strictly genteel the finale295
325.stuff up the cracks288
326.suicide chump315
327.sweet leilani393
328.sy borg395
329.take me out to the ball game328
330.take your clothes off when you dance332
331.tears began to fall361
332.teen-age prostitute290
333.teen-age wind326
334.teenage wind301
335.telephone conversation340
336.tell me you love me396
337.tengo na minchia tanta370
338.that evil prince369
339.the adventures of greggery peccary337
340.the air373
341.the black page869
342.the black page drum solo/black page338
343.the blackouts363
344.the blue light287
345.the booger man338
346.the central scrutinizer316
347.the clap461
348.the closer you are316
349.the crab-grass baby328
350.the dangerous kitchen288
351.the dead girls of london339
352.the dick kunc story330
353.the downtown talent scout319
354.the duke of prunes308
355.the duke regains his chops347
356.the evil prince291
357.the florida airport tape323
358.the girl wants to fix him some broth409
359.the girls dream579
360.the groupie routine279
361.the idiot bastard son332
362.the illinois enema bandit353
363.the jazz discharge party hats314
364.the jimmy carl black philosophy lesson308
365.the lad searches the night for his newts373
366.the little march413
367.the mammy nuns288
368.the man from utopia356
369.the man from utopia meets mary lou317
370.the massive improvelence416
371.the meek shall inherit nothing309
372.the meek shall inherit nothing in album thing-fish339
373.the moi anti-smut loyalty oath337
374.the mud shark305
375.the nancy & mary music388
376.the orange county lumber truck381
377.the radio is broken324
378.the rejected mexican pope leaves the stage348
379.the return of the son of monster magnet341
380.the sealed tuna bolero978
381.the sheik yerbouti tango396
382.the torture never stops335
383.the torture never stops in album you cant do that on stage anymore vol348
384.the uncle meat variations464
385.the untouchables340
386.the voice of cheese299
387.the white boy troubles314
388.the torchum never stops419
389.them or us438
390.theme from the rd mvmt of "sinister footwear"275
391.this aint cnn468
392.this town is a sealed tuna sandwich prologue278
393.this town is a sealed tuna sandwich reprise396
394.tiger roach385
395.time is money304
396.tink walks amok406
397.tinsel-town rebellion314
398.tinseltown rebellion295
399.tiny sick tears303
400.titties & beer255
401.titties n beer381
402.toads of the short forest373
403.transylvania boogie427
404.trouble every day251
405.trouble every day in album does humor belong in music307
406.trouble every day in album you cant do that on stage anymore vol367
407.truck driver divorce322
408.tryin to grow a chin413
409.tuna fish promenade307
410.tush tush tush a token of my extreme329
411.twenty small cigars409
412.uncle bernies farm405
413.uncle remus358
414.undaunted, the band plays on307
415.underground freak-out music804
417.valley girl317
418.very distraughtening311
419.village of the sun369
420.watermelon in easter hay327
421.we are not alone331
422.we can shoot you379
423.we gotta get into something real323
424.weasels ripped my flesh368
425.wet t-shirt nite348
426.were turning again448
427.what ever happened to all the fun in the world330
428.what kind of girl337
429.what kind of girl do you think we are343
430.what will this evening bring me this morning292
431.whats new in baltimore557
432.whats the ugliest part of your body424
433.whats the ugliest part of your body reprise489
434.when the lies so big467
435.where is johnny velvet370
436.wheres our equipment577
437.whippin post472
438.whippin post in album does humor belong in music367
439.white ugliness315
440.who are the brain police343
441.who needs the peace corps314
442.why does it hurt when i pee395
443.why dont you like me461
444.why dontcha do me right449
445.wild love355
446.willie the pimp379
447.willie the pimp in album you cant do that on stage anymore vol363
448.wind up working in a gas station309
449.wind up workin in the gas station379
450.wistful with a fist-full291
451.won ton on323
452.wonderful wino344
453.would you go all the way325
454.would you like a snack434
455.wowie zowie440
457.yo cats351
458.you are what you is312
459.you are what you is in album thing-fish298
460.you call that music429
461.you didnt try to call me430
462.you didnt try to call me in album cruising with ruben & the jets308
463.your mouth345
464.youre probably wondering why im here446
465.yo mama539
466.zomby woof342
467.zoot allures396
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