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frank black, frank black arklar, frank black ark szleri
1. weeks382
2.adda lee738
3.adventure and the resolution480
4.all my ghosts359
6.baby, thats art728
7.back to rome407
8.bad harmony429
9.bad, wicked world384
10.big red417
11.billy radcliff358
12.brackish boy468
15.can i get a witness399
17.dance war622
18.do you feel bad about it454
19.dog gone409
20.dont ya rile em689
21.everybody got the beat839
22.everytime i go round here381
23.fazer eyes514
24.fiddle riddle448
25.freedom rock403
26.fu manchu546
27.hang onto your ego389
29.i could stay here forever483
30.i dont want to hurt you every single time447
31.i gotta move614
32.i heard ramona sing402
33.i love your brain449
34.i need peace407
35.i switched you366
36.i think im starting to lose it497
37.i want rock & roll451
38.i want to live on an abstract plain375
39.jesus was right470
40.kicked in the taco556
41.king & queen of siam411
42.los angeles483
43.men in black469
44.mosh, dont pass the guy685
45.old black dawning463
46.ole mulholland492
47.parry the wind high, low365
48.pie in the sky486
49.places named after numbers396
50.pray a little faster521
51.punk rock city400
52.pure denizen of the citizens band411
53.sir rockaby684
55.skeleton man462
56.smoke up536
57.so bay414
58.so hard to make things out382
59.solid gold355
60.space is gonna do me good399
61.speedy marie456
62.steak n sabre497
65.ten percenter538
67.the creature crawling418
68.the cult of ray402
69.the hostess with the mostest445
70.the last stand of shazeb andleeb414
71.the man who was too loud455
72.the marsist615
73.the vanishing spies406
74.tiny heart380
75.two reelers400
76.two spaces563
77.village of the sun383
78.western star405
79.whatever happened to pong359
80.white noise maker345
81.you aint me617
82.you never heard about me426
83.youre such a wire519
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