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--whipped ark sz

i guess we shouldve stayed at the beach, but it just couldnt happen. i wish it was more within my reach but ill just keep on pushin, a day in hell done, what else could happen to me? i call her up to complain and what does she do? she falls asleep! she falls asleep on the phone... another day passes, another day too hectic! what do i do now? i think she may be narcoleptic. i call her up, i feel alone, im hoping that shes home. ill apologize about the coffee pot, i call her almost every night, and every night we start to fight. she falls asleep on the phone, i call her up i feel alone theres nothing to talk about so she falls asleep on the phone. she falls asleep! youve changed, ive changed, weve changed, shes changed. she falls asleep on the phone


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