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why ark sz

[syke talking]
damn, the worlds so crazy out here,
never know whats going on,
never know why things happen,
but they do,
well just take it

verse 1:

as my inner thoughts of reality set in, another day begins,
cause you never know you were alseep until ya wake up
will me and my ex-girl make up?,
i dont know but lifes a question,
after death is there a resurrection?
cause the chaos and the mayhem got me crazy,
when will i have my first baby?,
but is there love there?, do i really care?,
i swear, life aint fair
so much pain and sorrow
will i see tomorrow
make a path for my kids to follow,
so its me against the world,
cant nobody talke to me
i need psychotherapy,
forever i cry inside,
i cant hide,
just tell me why


why do we do the things that we do? (just tell me why)
why do we do the things that we do? (tell me why)
why do we do the things that we do? (tell me why)
why do we do the things that we do?

verse 2:

a little kids refelection is a shadow of death
just behind him are his first steps
but nobody cares its just everybody for theyself
so pray to yahweh if you need help
cause love dont love nobody alone
can i stay strong? can i move on?
but i gotta get used to my past being my future road
seldom travelled but never told,
the world is crazy my mind is paralyzed,
and hypnotized by these walk-bys
families cry from dead souls lost
i guess our future pays the cost, i wanna floss,
but we drownin in poverty,
my homie said he was gonna get wid me but aint got wid me
its so hard on a g tryna elevate in the game
and theres no way to escape the pain
tell me why


verse 3:

so many trials and tribulations,
we livin in desperation
everyones givin up theres no motivation,
organization or self determination
the youth is fallin and callin the ogs
hand up some kis or get degrees, lord please
i cant take it the world is comin to an end,
so god forgive me for my sin
cause i aint never had a thang, will it change?
so i can rearrange,
the game ah life is the hardest game yet
cause nobody knows whats coming up next
no respect, for our elders cause they fightin us scared
whta happened to the love we once shared, noone cares
so i soak my pains in remy martin and gettin high
i know thats not the answer,
so i ask why?


[kid #1]: syke why everybody die?
[kid #2]: why the world so crazy?,
[kid #3]: why everybody go to jail?
[kid #4]: why little kids get kidnapped?

chorus (til fade)


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